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Skye Waters Against Fish Farming

Skye Waters Against Fish Farming, why and what?


Wild salmon and trout are certainly still about, but need protecting now.

Derek Dowsen, ghillie and leasie of the River Snizort near Skaebost on the Isle of Skye (Scotland) disputes the claim made by fish farmers on Skye that there is hardly any wild salmon and trout around Skye anymore, but he emphasises that the fish farms have a considerable impact on those that are still left, and that they need protecting.

What’s underneath fish farms in Scotland?

On the surface a fish farm can look very clean. The workers can do their very best to feed only as much as the fish eat (although mostly it’s an automated process anyway), and all kinds of other regulations can be adhered to, but fish do have to go too, and this is what you don’t see from the surface: the buildup of anaerobically rotting fish shit on the seabed.

It is claimed that the fish in a standard sized fish farm create as much sewage as a town of 65,000 people does.